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    User202564906 9 months ago

    Could you put a copy button for editing the questions?

    Sometimes I have simiilar MC questions with similar options but with different answers.

     it is quite frsutrating to type the whole things again,

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    User202564906 9 months ago

    and it would be better if we could drag the answers betwwen right and wrong section.

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    Topgrade 9 months ago

    Hi, thank you for your feedback. There is currently a 'Question Bank' feature for Pro users that allows you to copy whole questions (and then you can press the yellow 'Edit' button to modify the question). To access the Question Bank just edit a quiz then click the yellow 'Question Bank' button. Hopefully that will help provide some of the functionality you're after? If you have any other feedback please let us know. I hope Topgrade helps you with your studies! Best wishes, Nick

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